In a Design-Build capacity, ASW Hobart handles the entire design and construction process under one contract.  Through our network of architects, designers, and consultants, ASWH will work with the Client to control selections and decisions with the common goal of delivering a finished product on time and on budget.  Once final pricing is established and agreed upon, it is the preference of ASW Hobart to transfer those values into a Lump-Sum Contract.

ASW Hobart can provide a Lump-Sum price to build your Project based on your design-professional’s bid-package.  This type of bid is often utilized in a competitive-bid scenario.  A Lump-Sum bid is only as good as the plans from which it is generated.  Particularly on a renovation project, a client should expect to have a contingency set aside for unforeseen conditions as well as items not clearly spelled out in the pricing documents.  

On selected projects that are large enough to warrant a full-time Project Manager dedicated only to a respective build, ASW Hobart will engage in a Guaranteed-Maximum-Price (GMP) Agreement.  A negotiated fee, subcontractor mark-up, and general conditions are derived at the on-set, and inclusive of the GMP.  The Client has the peace of mind of an initial maximum budget based on a set of plans, and the transparency needed to make decisions along side the builder on which subcontractors and vendors would be an ideal fit for their strategy.  

ASW Hobart adds significant value to any development project.  With vast experience in both Real Estate, and top-quality construction services, ASW Hobart understands how to allocate dollars in order to deliver a superior project within the sometimes constrained budgets afforded to make Real Estate deals palatable.   ASW Hobart can re-invest fees, General Conditions, or contribute equity, and become both a builder and development-partner.  This strategic partnership approach works perfectly to align the goals of all parties involved.


  • Custom Homes
  • Whole House Renovations
  • New Construction 
  • Multi-family & Mixed-Use Urban Infill Development
  • Historic Restoration Specialists
  • Historical Tax Credit Experience
  • Repairing & Salvaging Structurally Compromised Buildings
  • Working on Sites with Logistical Constraints (ie Small city streets,
    High-rise buildings, Condos, etc)
  • Condominium-Combinations
  • Tenant Fit-out
  • Adaptive Re-Use Custom Homes & Development Projects

ASW Hobart offers a wide-range of services that can be implemented through various contract methods, tailored to each client or development partner. In any scenario, ASW Hobart will utilize its vast resources and many trade relationships, to offer the highest quality deliverable for a particular project.